The Choice of Options..

The thing about life is that most of the constraints that we set are created by us. There are a hundred things i can think of where i have been my own biggest setback.. Actually its not just me , most of the people around me knowingly or unknowingly are their own biggest obstacles.. The human minds capability to think, has in a way been the reason for this. Given the usual state of affairs, there is not much to think about and so we spend mroe than needed time on thinking over and over on the little things we have on our minds.. And almost always, the positives start getting out numbered when u pass a certain limit ( the actual time you should spend on anything).. Then the negatives start piling up (the extra time being one in itself).. and once it reaches a point when u have exhausted yourself of all possible negatives (because the positives are obvious u dont dwell on the idea that there might be more), u usually decide that the idea isnt worth executing.. Try doing something just like that and you might be labelled reckless.. Why  coz someone around you finds it unnerving that u can come to a decision so quickly.

In the end , the wide arena of choices we have end up being two or three which are usually the same thing in different shades (or as i like to say colors).. Sometimes , just sometimes these decisions are made due to some external influences (most often people close to us).. We feel that it might hurt them if we do something and then dont bother asking.. People, you might feel that way , but if the people actually care they might let you have your way coz thats what YOU want.. I dont claim to be any different. On the contrary, i usually avoid all decision making totally.. But recently this one person has got me to question that.. And it is scary , because the answer is obvious.. That maybe all i need to do is ask (myself or whoever else it is) not for permission , but for consent. The scary part is that if they say yes, then the decision taking will lie entirely on me, and then i cant keep from making it.. Having options is frankly unnerving, because then the choice you make is truly and totally your own ( and u can blame noone else for it) , u have to live with it for the rest of your life… For better or for worse..


One thought on “The Choice of Options..

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  1. I completely agree to what you say! It really is scary thats the reason why we call childhood as golden 🙂

    I had once written in similar lines.. that.

    I am the victim and I the culprit .. who do i complain about!

    sad isnt it?

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