Do you really want to know?

Sometimes being grown up gets to me, u wish u were just a child , or could jst act childishly and expect everyone else to understand… sadly it isnt so..

There are some things u just cant do as a grown up.. Grapple with ur friends or ur brother.. Pull the hair of a girl u dont like for no particular reason.. U even loose the wonder of watching TV once u are old enough to watch anything that is rated anything.. Enid blyton books seem so kiddish.. Archies loose its fun status.. Your focus shifts to other things that are supposedly fun (right now i cant even recollect them)

I dont know if its just me or have all others like me grown out of the childish inquisitiveness that once was my only path to true knowledge.. I still believe  i have learnt more from books and TV than i ever did at school ( except maybe for the social studies classes in 9th std, but thats another story).. Then the only time i didnt usually asked questions was when we had guests at home, that too the old scary ones who said kids needed t be disciplined..

Now, when i actually realise that theres so much more to learn and so little i know, the i-am-scared-to-ask-coz-i-might-look-silly syndrome has taken over.. Maybe because the few times i did , it felt like i had put a whole leg in my mouth.. Its crazy but true.. For eg, while it was easy to have a crush on any girl in the wrld and talk to/ask your friends about it , now having a crush is not only making yourself the butt of a thousand jokes but it also includes a whole strategy meet to find out if it is feasible, then to find out if it is worth the effort and finally to identify the easiest (read the funniest for everyone else) way to the gals heart..

The stupid example apart, i am now a little scared of asking meanings of words i dont know.. Of asking directions coz men are never lost..  even asking for the time seems stupid these days.. And if working in an environment that is not all black suits like i expected corporate life to be, then i wonder how i’ll survive in that world, where one doesnt ask questions but starts running the moment a boss says this is what you are gonna be doing, no wy, no how, and no what-does-this-actually-mean..

Ofcourse it does give you a little leeway because your boss cant question your ways either coz he doesnt know if his question is vaild (read he doesnt know whether the cow poo u feed him is actually acceptable ,coz it has a fancy name in which case he is making a fool of himself..)

What goes around comes around my friends, on that thought i leave you to cook up your own versions of cow poo.. Adios..


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