Midnight musings -1

Freedom is a thought i have been obsessed with.. I never understood earlier when some people would slowly fade out from the canvas of my life.. Now i realise that i too have done it, and though i kid myself i did it unknowingly i see that on some subconscious level it was actually a very calculated move.. Like everything around us – the jobs we have, the bikes we ride, the houses we stay in and maybe more than them it is people that make us want to stay or to leave.. It is people that form the invisible roots that hold us.. And though i havent actually run away from people (except for the one time i changed schools coz i just couldnt fit in) i have slowly moved away from a lot of them.. Some people call it moving on, or growing up or whatever.. For me it is that little voice inside of me asking me to be free.. And i kid myself everyday that i am..

But like all others i am rooted, if not to hyderabad then to people.. If not to my native place of kerala then to the tag of a malayalee.. And though sometimes i feel that it is holding me back, i love the comfort it gives me.. The comfort of knowing that there will always be some people around, though the roles they play may change, though some will inevitably dissapear, others will always move in..

And though i’ll hate it that they hold me down, i love it that they consider me good enough to color their canvases.. One brush stroke at a time.. 


2 thoughts on “Midnight musings -1

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  1. 🙂

    “i love it that they consider me good enough to color their canvases.. One brush stroke at a time.. ”

    ur blogs r making me think these days 😀

  2. Ah! Well call it self obsessed or whatever.. but I feel its not the people that hold us back.. but its us.. We want to be attached.. want to feel needed.. feel respected etc etc that keeps us rooted 🙂

    I mean think about it… we all r humans.. but we give names to each other so that we can b remembered….

    like those temples where the names r jotted down for eternity… its not people… but us.. n our desires that keeps us fettered…

    thats the reason we can move away from “certain” people but not people altogether

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