Invisible People…

Its amazing how schizophrenic people can be ( me included..). We see things only as we wish to see it, and we dont actually care even if someone else is willing to give us a better perception (because for us it is someone elses reality).

We happily ignore our faults, or try and downplay them when they gain unwarranted attention.. We blatantly advertise our strengths, usually in the forms of stories that the other person is usually not really listening to and get the much needed emotional pat on the back from ourselves.. Sometimes when this feel that this isnt working we find others very similar to us and then sit around and share similar stories, each basking in the afterglow of having now spread a part of himself to some unsuspecting people just as they have to you..

Sometimes we get so engrossed in our lives and those around us that new entrants are shut out.. Soemtimes even old people we always knew become part of the crowd , a face that is visible but not distinct enough to recognise, because trying to recognise that person might take time away from getting ourselves recognised.. Sometimes these people totally disappear, and then are forgotten.. What have they done wrong? Nothing. Why did they disappear? dont know. How could we let it happen? because we were a little too engrossed in other stuff (our stuff)..

This is a rant at myself rather than anyone else, an almost desperate plea to change.. To see a little more, to listen a little more, to be a little more.. So that i too dont one day become invisible..


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