Runway 9

Runway 9 is a pretty neat hangout on the outskirts of Hyderabad best known for its Go-Karting track.. It took me 9 months in Hyd before i got to check it out but then my lazy self takes all the blame for tat.. The track is 713mts long and really neat…. The Karts could use a little more tuning (their top speed is a lil low).. The turns are really cool and the tyres are just right for skidding into them.. They also have additional stuff like shooting , archery, rock climbing , Table tennis, foozeball etc and they are fun too.. But its the track that is a must ride..  They have a skating rink too but coz of my amazing balance on skates , i refrained from it.. 

They have 4 ,6 and 8 lap coupons.. I propose either the 6 or 8 lap coupons becuase somehow 4 laps seem a little short..

Archery isnt as easy as it looks, i got 3 out of 4 arrows on the board but didnt hit bulleye..

For anyone who is in hyderabad and feels theres nowhere to go, and is tired of the whole disco, pub scene (which isnt really great anyways ), hit runway 9.. It isnt really far out but is a nice drive..And if u wanna party they have a pub there too (called the chequered flag )

PS: ( I lapped all my friends 😀 )


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