Tough Decisions..

This is one thing Indians are adept at handing over to someone else.. We just cant take a decision as long as it can be handed over to someone else.. Its a professional curse on one and all of us.. I agree there are exceptions but then, in 11 billion they are just a rounding error..

The thing i realised recently is that it is a byproduct of our inherent social system.. We are brought up in families where husbands make the decisions for the wife, the parents for the kids and more often than not even personal decisions are in the end made by a group of friends and what they think about it.. I agree to the actual logic that in most of the above cases, it is done because the husbands, parents and friends think it is in the best interest of the person who has to make it.. Sadly it leaves a person highly inefficient at decision making when he finally has to do it for himself..

Although i first noticed it on the prefessional front, it is increasingly making its presence felt in personal areas too.. If not for me ( coz my personal scope/horizon/areas are currently stable for atleast two more years) and funnily people are just letting it happen.. Example, one of my best friends who wrote CAT thrice has decided that she should get married and not go to a reputed institute when shes finally made it.. Another one has decided that its time to get married, not coz she thinks shes ready (but because in both cases parents say its time, and tired of fighting it , they have NODded).. Another friend had all decisions taken for him when his parents set him up a business and then showed him the girl they had selected for him..

Note here that most often the decisions are fine , if u base them on our skewed social and moral principles.. On personal fronts where it actually counts ( thoughts like compatibility, adaptability etc come to mind) it just isnt taken into consideration.. Emotional cajoling (and blackmailing play a big part here) and suckers for bollywood movies as we are, we fall for it..

Maybe there was something fundamentally wrong when our parents said that we should learn to take our own decisions , because most of theirs was done for them by their parents, which were in turn handed down over generations..(Dont believe me, look at how gujratis love being businessmen, why its inherent, look at how keralites travel the globe and they are everywhere, why some mallu decided that kerala was a lil too small for his liking).  We are living in a ever changing world, claiming India is a to be contended global power, while still using decision making systems taken out of times when Laxman thought he would tag along with his brother on an extended honeymoon.( Note here that noone ever told him that they would like a little privacy).


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