On Secrets..

Recently i was asked how manyn people would i share my deepest darkest secrets with, and i could come up with only three names.. I dont know if thats too much or too little.. but the point of this post is not the numbers but about trust, or rather what makes someone eligible to know and keep a secret.. I always thought that for me it was just mutual understanding that made the difference and a lil bit of trust.. But after some thought , i somehow see that it isnt actually just understanding or trust alone.. Its about judgement.. I wouldnt tell a secret to soemone who judge me as good or bad ,rather i would tell it to a person who wouldnt judge me, but i wished had.. It would not just be understanding but rather respect, for one another, for feelings and for circumstances that makes a person eligible for it.. It wouldnt be just about trust either, coz we all trust different people to different degrees.. But unshaking trust is set aside to an elite few in everyones life.. And that unshaking trust was, is and will be bestowed only based on judgement or the absence of it..

And this might not even be the better half of your life, often it isnt (sad though the idea is, that ur better half will not know u as well as someone else does..)

As for me, i have 3 now and that will do just fine.. Till someone else comes along..


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