My scribblings are back. Once again random ramblings seem the only way to vent out so many thoughts that are buggering to get out..

There are people around who go through life in a sad , i-can- never-be-happy-coz-i-have-a-lot-of-problems-noone-can-solve and then there are people who have a never say die attitude and grin and bear through the worst phases of life.. I dotn sympathise with the first set, i pity them, most of them who are not attention seekers are merely too pessimistic about life to see that there is a lot to be happy about all around them.. The second set i admire and am a lil jealous of.. I cant pull it off myself.. Like most of the people in between , things around me affect me too much, or too little to care..

The first set in addition to being the sad lot they are try to mkae you believe that theirs is the saddest sob story ever.. The problem is unknown to them there are always atleast two others who have better or worse (depending on what ur take on sob stories are) stories to tell.. They have a deathwish to be sad and getting them to smile is like finding a needle in a haystack, tiring and pretty much useless.. Their smile lasts all of two seconds and then they feel they shouldnt be smiling because their life is too sad to be happy about..

The second set are the stars of all occasions, they cant be put down come hail or storm.. absolute optimists that they are, they will also be a lil eccentric due to their strong belief that anything can be done.. For them the impossible is just another word for something that has not been done yet coz someone didnt find a way to do it.. Sadness may hold them down for a day or two at the max (that too in cases of dire consequences or when something they really care about went wrong..)Then they are back to their normal self, these people find it hard to explain to others (like me) how do they do it.. Its inborn to them (sometimes i think its genetic).. These people usually are fun to be with , though sometimes they innapropriately blabber out jokes in situations of high tension.. They can also be a pain sometimes because they wont let anyone around them have a silent moment of contemplation or to just sit.. 


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