On Death…

Death.. A word that is so final in itself that nothing else matters.. We all come across it in various points of our lives.. friends family, a loved one and each time it reminds us that it is all ending.. The fact that death is final is not what scares people , its the question that what is it putting a full stop to? Was the life we so aimlessly spent worth the pain it causes at the closure. because after that point no arguments are held, no contests either.. most people get a ” He/She was a nice person, they will be greatly missed.. etc etc.. ” sing song anyways.. Some people achieve imortality through death ( Bhagat singh for eg)..

Death isnt to be feared some people say, i agree, it is to be reverred. Like all great truths , death is eternal, it is so final an event in ones life that there is no space for anymore left. The word unfallibly raises a lot of questions too, as acient greeks asked “Did he have passion ?” , for me the questions raised by death , of people i find here one day and gone the next are pretty much on the same lines.. But as always there are the frustrated ones that creep in ” was is jsutified?’ ” why did this person have to go?” “who will fill the space left empty by the person” , for while at work one entity can be replaced, in the great play of life the parts we play are unique, to be played only by us.. 

Death also brings in a certain amount of retrospect with it, even the person most unaffected by it will ask, “what will it be like_____________?”. The problem is we have no clue and that scares us.. And drives us into making life a better experience, for ourselves as well as for people around us. We try to create more memories , more occasions , more and more and more ways to become a lil more than a name tag to people..


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