On Hints..

I had this conversation a couple of days ago, on hints.. As earlier stated in the Guys Rules (my first post) guys just dont understand hints.. No small ones, no medium ones and no big ones..

This is directly related to how guys change after they enter a relationship, whenever a guy starts going out with a gal, he is in training, the training lasts as long as it takes for the guy to learn the subtle hints tat the fairer sex throw our way, once he has learnt them , he becomes a very valuable asset to the gal. This is why girls are reluctant to break up more than guys can ( guys adapt easily). Anyways when we say that our friends have changed after they start going out, they got no choice, learning the hints is of the highest priority before the relationship is established. Once he has , he starts understanding without a word wat she feels, this helps the guy save his skin in events of high volatility.. While his friends hear her saying yes, he sees or rather feels her no, it loooms like a dark cloud invisible to everyone else. Unluckily for me and many of my kind, even training cant help us understand hints.. While sometimes a raised eyebrow is a question sometimes it amazement, and the various interpretations of Yes , No and Maybe is pretty much world famous..

On that i say, all the best guys, and gals be kind.


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