Life is one hell of a ride.. The only problem is that no matter how hard we try there is only one exit to it.. Death (full and final) But the ride can be pretty amazing.. Sometimes it isnt i agree, it is boring ,ritualistic and totally pointless.. But sometimes it gives you an inkling of a perfect moment, a beautiful day, a memorable  week etc. to show us that this is what it is all about.. That those little moments culiminate into the big picture people keep talking about, that becomes the flasahback that some say flashes before your eyes before you exit..

So it is and so it always will be, sometimes we forget this small point and run behind the better life, a better tommorow , a better future.. Sometimes we run so long we reach the exit without having lived. I do too sometimes. But life is always throwing hints at us to stop, and see things around us. To dream, to wish , to feel. Its us who have forgotten to notice, blinded by meaningless goals , the present is sacrificed. I wish it were different. Luckily my lack of drive, absence of any concrete goals and irreverence for money has left me pretty much on the roadside and out of rat races, i have all the timwe to dream , but no subjects, all the time to wish but nothing to wish for, my memories therefore are of the best form, unpredictable..


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