Scribblings 10

Sometimes i scribble… The main point here being that this post leads nowhere. Now coming to life in general. IPL is starting off and cant wait to cheer for royal challengers. (first its blores team and second vijay mallya owns it). HMRI seems to be finally gaining some momentum. And the olympic torch is out of india.

As always none of these things have any effect on my life, its vijays bday today, so that meant i got cake. So i guess this post is going to be about that- Consequences. Just like commitment consequences is a threatening word. and just like the first one i hate the second one. The problem is big consequences are associated with big timelines and have no actual consequences on my life, eg: global warming. It doesnt mean much to me, though that doesnt mean i am not passionate about it. another one is child labour, something i feel strongly about but isnt really in my scope of operations. So i associate myself with the small incidents that have small consequences and change touch my life. Eg: going to sing xmas carols to orphans, buying a gal dinner for helping me out( though that is not actually consequence 🙂 ) 

If only we knew that the big fights we fight are not as nice as the little fights that we make daily with life, like running after a bus to catch it, eating lunch at the speed of light to get to work, then taking a break to go cut a cake for a friend. Little fights are also easier to win. And they have consequences are more in our favour in particular than the general good of well being.  If happiness is the ultimate aim , then all of us are just taking different alleyways to the same path. And trust me , while a big fight will give a feel good feeling , the little ones will give you bursts of happiness, help u carry on when u r down plus most probably bring a smile to the people around you…


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