On Commitment..

This is one issue and post i have been skirting for quite a while.. Frankly the word scares me.. It implies so many things at once that a person has to think twice before using it.. It is a lil more than a promise , a lot more than a man’s word (or a woman’s) and pretty deadly in its failure.. To make one and not keep it is as good as signing your soul to the devil, coz u lose not just your credibility but also a part of yourself.. Delivering on it brings immense happiness i agree but sometimes the effort it takes is tasking..

There have been very few occasions when i have taken the plunge for good or for bad, but luckily ( or unluckily ) for me, they have ended on mutual understandings.. Sadly it is only for personal stuff that people think twice before diving headlong into it.. When it comes to professional life though , we make it without thinking.. Very few people seem bothered , and some very experienced at that , by not delivering.. It is scary, i wouldnt want to end up like that.. All around me i see others doing it and somehow i feel that a code somewhere is being broken.. that one day soon it wont matter again and the world will be a worse place then..

On the personal front i see people who are willing to do it but not able to, others who are not willing to but do it anyways (mostly due to peer pressure).. Rarely do i see able and willing together and then it is always heartwarming.. And i feel maybe the code will stay – a word will hold, a promise will be kept and a commitment will be delivered ( completely and absolutely)


PS: In case u havent noticed.. I have used the word only twice, once in the heading and then in the last line, because i am that damn scared..


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