Half Done….

Some things start BIG ( i mean real BBBBIIIGGG) and then fizz out in time to be another has been, or an almost was.. Latest examples : Rang De Basanti and Munnabhai.. The former had people lighting candles and doing all night vigils and the latter brought out a movement called Gandihgiri.. A lot of blogs must have exalted these two to cult status..  I am going to shoot it down… Today a year almost after the two events skyrocketed, they have disappeared from existence..

But these things dont have to be events or actions on a big scale, they can be very personal stuff too… I dont remember all the stuff i took on with a lot of zest and then left on the roadside as i found newer avenues to explore.. There were the skating classes, tennis classes , a hint of guitar (threatened out of a friend) etc etc..

I guess it justcomes down to all of us being imperfect.. Humans just cant see through anything upto fruitition.. Because the end often doesnt justify the means.. The result tends to be a lil less heart warming than expected.. And my theory is that is why we hold back from putting all our hearts souls and bodies to any one thing.. Because sometimes the amount of life you put in isnt worth it…


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