Colors of India – Holi 08

Very few festivals cross the boundaries of religion to become a nationwide affair.. And as the surd says in ” Jab We Met” : ‘ Hume to bas bahana chahiye’. We need just the hint of a reason to celebrate, get angry, cry ,laugh.. Basically we are pretty emotional.. Maybe a lil too much as Taare Zameen Par revealed the other day.. But getting back to the topic on hand.. Holi is and i guess will be the most riotous festival of colours in the World ( even the samba has people who come as mere spectators but thats impossible for holi).. Noone is spared, from the oldest granpas to the youngest kids.. A reason to smear your neighbour , even if it is with just a lil color is too tempting a treat i guess…

Now coming to Holi in hyderabad.. I was surprised to see a south indian state celebrating with so much fervour.. The fact that fun was on the cards got me up early enough to escape the colors till i got to my boss’s house( we are supposed to color our elders first before celebrations kick off).. Getting back and then the whole gang assembled in one of those lovely little houses that you sometimes find splattered across an otherwise ugly landscape of towering buildings and a lil too natural looking parks.. The house was well equipped to handle the set of 30 odd hooligans turned corporate honchos who turned up.. The colors first flew , then splashed and finally painted eveeryone around… By midafternoon , after the tired but very satisfied crowd settled down for a round of songs that had no particular order, ranging from songs that dated before my dad could walk till a week agos latest hits.. Singing along to any one is one talent every indian has.. The mostly psychedelic songs made up for whatever was lost in meaning by their sheer volume and the enthusiastic dancing of a few high men( high on alcohol as much as on the colors and the festivities).. From malayalam to punjabi, from bhojpuri to telugu, it was a sight to see and a rucus to hear.. Lunch at 5 (if you can call it lunch) and a lil later, the tired set of crowds headed off to their homes.. A detour to a friends home has no doubt resulted in death warrants being issued in our names( his wife was waiting to see who the guys were who steal her husband every sunday)..

On the whole it was entertaining, happily tiring and very very memorable…


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