Constants , Change and Variables..

Changes, constants and variables… Sounds like math but this is life for me.. At work, at my room and everywhere in general constant mind numbers are needed for me to continue in a state of efficiency.. At work it is usually a mirage of numbers , metrics and call info.. At the room, loud music, a louder TV and a lot of ununderstandable conversations with my maid who knows only telugu.. Life in general isnt actually isnt very different.. There are a few people who are definite constants (my parents , my brother, and a set of friends who have become like a lifeline over the years).. The changes are often geographical (libya , kerala, TN , AP and Karnataka ) or physical (read my increasing waist line) , the variables these are what makes life interesting.. They are the unpredictable events , occasions or people which/who are an unignorable part of ur being just because of their existence in ur daily lives..

These variables can be drastic events like my mugging , smaller stuff like winning the football trophy in final year or almost negligible stuff like buying a fish tank and being the proud owner of a few fish.. They can also be people , varying from the ugliest ( in behaviour than in physical components, i know a guy who walks out of the office loo with a coffee cup in his hands) to the ” i cant believe i am that lucky” kind ( sadly this category is always outnumbered) to the ” that guy with long hair/ bad breath / ugly teeth/ giant ass ( u get the point and yes those are terms i have heard in actual conversations)..    Though these unpredictables are pretty much temporary and most of the time a useless lot, the time we spend with this set (which is by and far the largest of all ) is humongous.. In the end they creep slowly into your existence that sometimes u miss them, or suddenly u remember them after ages and wonder what became of them.. Some of them even make the giant leap from the variables to one of the other two categories..

I know for sure that i have been part of some variable group in a lot of occassions and as a “that guy with glasses” ( i prefer not to delve into what other adjectives were used on me).. I guess we all have.. My point is if we make just a lil effort to not step on any toes and avoid disasters, we could maybe save ourselves from falling into the ugly category…


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