The Week that was.. Chennai- Blore Diaries.

When i packed my bag on Saturday, i had big dreams of seeing two cities (one i had almost forgotten after a brief stint in 2003, the other almost home – a friend i had been missing for two long).. That luckily didnt happen, i didnt see any of chennai except for a few lanes in KK nagar, the Bus stand at Koyampedu and Egmore station, and i was there for 4 days.. What i did see though was long lost friends , classmates , roommates and then some more from days of old.. Instead of seeing the Chennai of the present and wondering about the future , for 2 days i was dwelling in a place out of the past, from engg days to be exact.. As we recollected stories of a eventfilled 4 years , we laughed like hell, we felt fondness for a place we were all pretty happy to leave.. Some stories were of madness, some of something almost like love, some were stories of times like the night we were sharing , of a bunch of guys, a few beers and a lot of heart to heart talk.. The marriage that i went to attend was also very heartwarming.. The brides family of which i soon became a part was amazingly down to earth loving, caring , fretting and managing things..

Then came Bangalore, i touched there at an unearthy 4.30am , but i was in my kingdom.. Waking up an old friend at 5, then sleeping till 9.. Land up in college and i find Amaze 08 was in session(for the unitiated , Amaze is the college fest of IIPM, and Blore IIPM is reputed to hold the biggest show among all IIPM’s.. To top it of , i found myself judging Dumb-C , my pet game since engg days.. The clock struck 5 and i was  in my favorite hangout in Koramangala, the 4th block Barista, ( the place was a study room, a recreation room and a lot more for a lil over two years while i did my MBA) , meeting old friends over coffee seems a phrase out of a book but thats exactly what i did.. I was there till 10 pm.. So 5hrs and 6 coffees later, i reached another friends room, where i discovered that a workmate of mine has been keeping a secret for no apparent reasons..

The next day was pretty uneventful , a 3 hour stint at barista and then i was in my old room, with roomies who havent changed , but then 8 months isnt too long a time i guess.. I have been lounging here since, two days of the laid back life i once led , and it feels amazingly good.. Except for a small coffee break ( coffee day indira nagar this time). i havent stepped out, have seen 2 movies , had brunch , tea at 11am and dinner at 1am.. Yes, this feels like home..


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