An evening of Unfortunate Events

Somewhere along those travels long..
My weary feet felt not strong..
So at the next inn i rested my feet..
Beers galore did i drink..

When he sat down i barely saw..
His voice a song, pure but a little raw..
His stories he told me lots and more..
A colporteur and a gentleman he seemed to the fore..

Before i knew i was shelling out quid..
The beer got to me or his voice did..
The oeuvre of an artist he made seem great..
Of i curse that wicked twist of fate..

Next in line was a bony lass..
She seemed beautiful , drunk as i was..
To a dance and maybe in the hay a roll..
I decided with her to gambol..

The only hiccup i didnt dream of ever..
Was her beefy boyfriend, a jealous lover..
Two black eyes and a lot less richer..
I left that inn wanting one more pitcher..

To this day i silently ponder..
Which stars shined down in all its splendour..
What syzygy of planets and moons mystical..
Took me by storm in an evening magical..


3 thoughts on “An evening of Unfortunate Events

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  1. dude… y havent u got a girl yet?? i mean wit a mind tht writes like urs… 4 an average iipm grad… nt bad at all…. u ever tried poetry on a gal???
    im sure u’d make an interestin conversationalist… best of luck…

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