Let the Games begin..

I am in it again.. After a long break from my soul sisters from coimbatore, a couple of gals have taken it upon themselves to make me reduce , if not stop , the two Evil (not the capital letter please) habits that i have and which according to them will kill me before i hit 40..

Lets start with my first battle , the soul sisters i am talking about  are a group of 6 ex-engineering students who used to live together at Vineyard (that was wat the hostel was named). Two of them were ex classmates from school and the rest just took a liking for the seemingly nice guy and wanted to rid him of his evil traits. The fact that they were on a new found high of faith in God whose presence i am in denial of added to the masala.

That they failed is clearly visible, the only effect they had on me was that i now had extra baggage to carry around( a bible, which i am yet to use). It is true that i reduced considerably in the days when they were on the warpath.. I know for certain that they prayed to the Almighty to help his poor lamb lose the habit ( Fat chance).. Anyways i was pretty incorrigible then..

Forward to the present, the two valiant people who have taken this task upon themselves, are yet to understand what they are up against.. The only plus that might work their ways is that i am trying to break the habit.. Have actually reduced a little and seem to be on the way to recovery.. Plus i am joining a gym ( yes i am) which will automatically reduce my count ( Exercise has that effect on me ). 

I wish them all the best as i sign off.

 PS:  A line just in case it makes people think. Stop using plastic bags for shopping.. If u do use them, use the same bag to stuff as many goods as possible.. Please dont get a new bag for every second thing u buy.


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