Dont judge a book by its Cover..

How many of you, my faithful readers , have felt like shit when you let someone down? Or even worse when you feel that you are giving someone a raw deal and the other person doesnt even realise it? I have , and i havent felt worse. That someone else is satisfied with the lousy product that i have to offer should not be reason enough to let them have it, especially when you know that there are better things available and they have a lower price to pay. Think about it , it is valid pretty much in all walks of life, business is after all just a formalisation of the relationships that were once normal human ones. I have been guilty of the same a couple of times and it has given me no satisfaction (actually it has given me guilt and remorse more than anything else).

Thankfully when it was not business , i was always able to tell the people involved that i care too much to let them get a raw deal. That even though they think that i can offer the best in the world, i rank myself pretty lowly on a scale of 1 t o10 ( a measly 3, that too coz i cant get myself to think of me as a 2). If any of you have seen “A shark tale” , i feel like Oscar the shark killer , when he gets undue attention and knows that he is living in a world that is built on lies, false images and a fake fish that doesnt exist.

I have once again done it. I have let another person i love down, and it has broken me in more ways than one. The fact that they dont understand that i cant continue to deliver on an image of me that is not reality saddens me, but i can live with that than letting the person hate me when they see me for what i am.

Indian guys are a crazy lot. most of them are braggarts and selfish bastards to the core ( i am too but not all the time). The few that are not, are lost in the teeming millions that this country is. If only things were different. If only i was someone i am not. If only i could have been the package i seem to promise i am.. Thats a lot of if’s and none of them are positive..

Forgive me friends and foes who might have purposefully or otherwise wronged.. I didnt know at that point of time that it would end up like the way it has.. I might not have done it then, or if i had , i would have told you the reason why. And always remember “Dont judge a Book by its Cover !!!”

PS: I know that my posts are becoming a little serious, but then it tends to follow me. 🙂 )


4 thoughts on “Dont judge a book by its Cover..

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  1. It’s interesting that you write this because I’m pretty sure that you’re the only person that feels like this about you. To all your friends and colleagues, you are a dedicated, sincere, intelligent and overall amazing person. In my short experience with you, you have never let me down – when it comes to work or other things. Don’t be so hard on yourself! I hate to see you soooo sad. If there’s any book that I would judge by it’s cover, it’s you – because you’re so honest and genuine – the cover is looking pretty good!

  2. Ok it now…must admit didnt see through that far.

    PS:Sometimes ‘reviews’ help ‘judge the book by its cover’.

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