Remember Me, When i Leave..

Donot weep for me when i leave..
With false laments dont u decieve..
For nor ur tears nor ur cries will i hear..
I’ll leave you my memories to bear..
If at some gathering my name be uttered..
I hope no skeletons be from closets recovered..
Let not my name be used for some dogma insane..
Just let me be known as a guy nice and plain..
For on this stage we call the world..
My act is a pantomime absurd..
Not a masterpiece or a work of art..
Just an attempt to elegantly depart..
Consider not mine nihlism extreme..
Am just a dreamer living his dream..
A psychedelic singer out of tune..
A hopeless romantic under the moon..
In the labyrinth of time infinite..
Give me a place as u feel right..
When i am finally out of sight..
Remember me i hope u might..

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