Abstract Hints…

How do you adjust with something that is a life changing experience? I dont know how many of you have had one of those.. Myself, i expected my mugging to be something like that but it wasnt.. The only thing it changed was that i couldnt play football when i wanted to for the college tournament..

Today my friend talked about one of his that also seemingly should have been life changing , but all he could think of was if his insurance would cover his education loan.. The lack of a world war, a nuclear bombing, an amazing invention and any interesting pseudo movement has left our generation without true rebels, because they have not much to be pissed off about..

Life changing experiences, maybe like Ashoka on the battlefield, like Zidane in the Final match of his life, like chicken little and the acorn that fell on his head, i wish i had one of those.. What are the chances ? Not very good, but then who knows a surprise could be round the corner.. With my life for the next two years pretty much charted out for the next two years, Doha a definite stepping stone to what i dream will be a spectacular career, my reputation of a loner changing to a Casanova from college to work( I have been linked with 5 women in 6 months including a very cute ,veggie, canadian indian), things just seem to be taking off.. The direction i know not, but it seems pretty much certain that like my goldfish ,content in his bowl, it doesnt actually matter.. With april looming up ahead, when something i hold dear will reach its defining moment, my blog is going to contain a lot more rants, a lot more crazy vague ideas and a lot of abstract hinting at things you think you know..

The fact that my blog has reached 1500 hits , and seems to be generating some sort of interest among friends has put me in a predicament while adding to the pleasure of being recognised.. I cant put in anything in its actual concrete form , and i have to answer questions about the vague hints i leave.. To all of you , the hints are supposed to be interpreted in a positive way, but with a certain amount of doubt that can he actually go that far? Or is he crazy enough to take that jump ?

Signing off, my name in hindi looks like a thumbs up , an inverted question mark waving a flag, seen behind a clothes line… ( This comes from a Hindi pandit who has the funniest of accents)


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