When the reason finds You..

We find reasons for all things we do..
Mundane logic and crazy meanings new..
From our leaps of faith to our silliest act..
We try and support it with stupid fact..

But what do you do when the reason finds you..
All that you needed suddenly becomes true..
You dont control the actions anymore..
Smile even when someone slams the door..

The reason becomes your only sight..
Your destiny , your call , your day and your night..
Everyday becomes a dreamy haze..
Every night goes by at a slow , creeping pace..

Logic and facts go out the window..
You forget things that you never did know..
Because life takes no more the course fatefully due..
When out of nowhere, the reason finds you…


One thought on “When the reason finds You..

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  1. I read…and thought im gonna leave a compliment…then I read the next two posts…and realised dont have the patience to appreciate individually…so one for all…..neat…very!

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