Poor St. Valentine..

I am still undecided on the existance of any such person.. If indeed he was alive once upon a time in a land far far away, i wish his soul peace.. He would be spinning in his grave right now if he could see the sham that is pulled every year , year after year in his name.. I applaud archies , hallmark or whichever company it was that so beautifully created a day for professing your undying love for a person who:  

  1. already knows u love him/her
  2. Doesnt know and doesnt really care about it
  3. Is completely unaware of ur existence.
  4. My personal favorite , love for the celbrity who is all you see (not because of a day dreaming issue, but because the celebrity is plastered all over billboards and is promoting everything from toothpaste to a jumbo jet).. 

If you need a day to profess your love, i feel sorry for you.. If anything love must be spontaneous , not pushed onto you by some company trying to make a fast buck. Guys, trust me , any girl will be more impressed with that unexpected box of chocolates or a teddy bear for no apparent reason than the card and a dozen red roses that seem to be standard on V Day..

And i feel sorry for the poor guys/gals who rush around town looking for something different , something that will make their gift more valuable, more memorable than what veeru gives basanti.. In business different almost always means a bigger hole in your purse, which is also something leftover by some guy who has a bigger wallet or a fatter paycheck..

All said i am not against love, shout it from the rooftops i say , but not because the rule of the day dictates you to.. Do it because you want to.. As the tag line to a friend of mine goes “All you need is love , _____________” ( The blank can be filled anyway you like 😉 )


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