Scribllings VIII

Time heals all wounds they say.. I agree to it mostly.. But sometimes some of those wounds fester, puss and have decided they wont go away.. And here i am not writing about any personal wounds.. These are things that indians heap upon themselves..  Our chalta hai way of life has led to an India that is bed ridden with ugly truths we tend to ignore.. “chalta hai “, “swalpa adjust maadi” , “let it be” – i am sick and tired of hearing these words.. There is a limit to tolerance.. And we as individuals know our personal limits pretty well.. but as a nation we let everything be.. When a group of brainwashed monkeys hit people in the most commercial city in India for not being “mumbaikers” , that limit is broken.. When some wine drinking french decide that Sikhs cant wear turbans that limit is broken.. When some monkey (or was it maa ki…..) australian calls us indians racist that limit is broken.. Only difference is , the first case evoked the least of reactions , while it should have been the highest priority.. Nobody, and i mean nobody can tell me that i cant stay in a city coz i hail from a village, a district, a state outside it.. Why ? Because India is a fu**ing Democracy thats why.. We are pretty unified in calling Americans bad names when they walk into new countries , every now and then.. We are unified in our ill placed hatred against the Pakistan cricket team.. Why do we bear it silently when an Indian who leads a pack of wolves in saffron garb lets loose a frentic destruction on their own , neighbours, coworkers and fellow indians??? Why???


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