Scriblling – VII

Note : My scribblings are just that. Random rants that start somewhere and end somewhere.

Now on to the thought of this scriblling.. Isnt it a little weird that depressing people find one another for company no matter how far away they are in a crowd. I have seen this many a time and thought that it is just two friends who are depressed at the same time but later realised that they are two depressed people who became friends through the depression commonality… WIERD!

Changing topics, i was recently at a taare zameen par induced painting competition recently.. A friendly get together of people who had a saturday to spare in a city that has not many things to see.. The results were comic as well as memorable.. From devastatingly hopeless to imaginatively creative, the works of art( i call them that coz noone will testify otherwise) were easily one of the best timepass activities i have done in a long time.. There are no clear winners (mine was not even close..) , and no complaints.. From friendship to sunsets, from gandhi to global warming the range was amazing.. If u have any free time, do this activity , it holds all the promise of a bonding experience and will be quite revealing of the hidden creative talents of your friends..

Life has changed leaps and bounds since blore.. And most of it in a good way.. I am surprised i am liking hyderabad after the initial hiccups.. i even played gully cricket here at a friends garage.. Oh and my bank account finally holds my own money, and still lasts exactly till the 25th just like old days.. Am back to reading, a passion i had pretty much forgotten… Have 3 books running and 2 untouched..


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