A Quarter Century! What a ride…

I know its a little late.. But i needed time for the dust to settle down and the mist to clear to write clearly about being 25 years old.. Firstly i think the term in itself is such a letdown , the moment you say u r 25 years OLD it sound so gloomy and antique.. I agree that i didnt feel the same when i was 12 or 18.. 

Hmm, 25 years.. what a ride it has been.. For an average indian middle class guy i seem to have been pretty lucky.. I have born in an arab country, reached teenage their, reached my tween in india and seem set to reach the next milestones somewhere else.. I have visited quite a few countries, had an amazing childhood, made quite a few friends i can tell secrets to and trust them to keep them, gained a decent education, landed a good job and had a few short (very short , mostly unprofessed one sided ones) relationships , that have left me wary but still wanting more.. I have developed a hold on my tongue when i get angry.. lose my temper very rarely… and am earning on my own..

Oh! and i now am the proud owner of 5 fishes (4 gold and a fighter).. One of whom i have named princess Diana (by which i have fulfilled two wishes one obvious and one not so).. I have now stayed in all the four south indian states for varying amounts of time and loved all of them.. Am working in a project that is changing the world one state at a time in a company that is one of the top 5 IT companies in India..

Now coming to what hasnt changed- still have no clue what life holds in store for me, have no idea what i want from it, still dont understand how a woman ticks, how my maid can wash three buckets of clothes in two weeks and still act like shes doing a huge job, i still wonder why people say my face is pretty expressive (translates as my feelings seemingly are evident by my expressions, which trust me is a misleading idea)..  have finally collected a DVD and Book collection , one DVD i have lost already and the books are with innumerable people..

First bday i didnt cut a cake for, and didnt remember it till the next day..


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