Battles with Batter

Alright , this one is for all those people who are culinarily challenged like i am.. My cooking skills are amazing, i can cook rice, make almost anything with eggs , prepare dal which (often looks like rasam) , i can even make rotis if someone else does the dirty job of kneading the dough.. Oh yeah , i can toast bread and am an expert at cutting veggies..

All this seems great coming from a guy.. But with the indian scenario changing fast i am afraid i’ll be left behind with the set of guys who end up going out for food everyday after marriage( if i get to that at all)

To compound the problem all the interesting women i know are just as good as i am( they can toast bread and boil eggs)..

So the question of the day is “Will variety be the spice of life or will it be the only choice of life?”


One thought on “Battles with Batter

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  1. “Battle with Batter” is not what I worry about…its the looming threat of its sequel..”Battle with Bartans” what scares me…
    In that respect I come from the orthodox school of thought who still believe-Battles are won war at a time.

    ‘women are just as good as iam’
    Dude lets not compliment them a lil too soon….

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