Season of Hope..

Xmas is over and New years round the corner.. Wonder what is in store this time round.. Every new year my life turns topsy turvy with stuff that usually happen in one of those  bollywood flicks that make no comic sense and yet are touted at the biggest hit of the century..  It has no logic, no actual beggining and suprisingly ends halfway thru.. It wasnt like this all thru life but has been so almost for the past three..

now a review of the past year.. No job from jan till august.. did nothing but watch a lot of movies , write a lot of stupid stuff on the blog, bought some fish for my room in blore, then moved to hyderabad.. Put on weight by tons and started a new job in august, started changing the world through the project i work for thanks to the brains of somebody who had a wonderful idea and to the resource allocation team that found no better use for me, and had a zillion crushes.. Oh, started earning and spending like crazy.. maintained a steady bank balance of zero..

That doesnt sound like much but the take homes are ” am a walking talking encyclopedia on movies that most people havent heard of, have lost the aneamic look i used to have, finally have financial independence(thanks to heavily dependable high earning friends…) , have seen another city in India , am learning a pretty funny language and making a mess of it(telugu) , have made a new bunch of friends , reached a 1000 hits on the blog and am still going strong..”

 There’s my personal report card.. People start making your own ones..


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