Scribblings V

I am back to reading philosophy after a long long while.. And i chose atlas shrugged to re enter this circle seems somehow lucky.. After reading halfway through the book i somehow feel ayn rand must have been an Aquarian… Why , the fiercely independent way in which she looks at emotions, plucks and pulls at them , analysing them from a distance is something i have noticed in the above said sun sign’s influence..  I myself am guilty of the same.. i have analysed my own joy, sorrow , hatred and indifference at times with wonder , mostly because they were always out of place… A friend of mine once said that we love the idea of love more than the feeling or emotion.. and it is somehow in a wierd sense true( atleast to me)

Does it mean that i am an emotionless fool ? No, just that i take time of to feel the feeling rather than just feeling it.. It steals from the moment, it eats away at the emotion attached to it and sometimes delivers unbelievable yet unrefutable proof that i am a hopeless sucker for people.. I believe almost anyone, yet i trust very few.. There is a paradox there but thats the way it is.. And i think a lot of people feel the same way,  they are just too scared to say it out loud or even to actually word it in their minds.. Well to all of them, i have done it for u..


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