Scribblings- 4

My blog has lost its purpose , or so i thought.. What had been opened as a safe way of expressing my pretty primitive writing abilities and my self obsessed rants to no one in particular and to everyone in the vast anonymity of virtual space has suddenly i realise been publicised too much by my own desire to be recognised.. The feeling that ones thoughts should be read.. The contrast is amazing, the listener that i labelled myself as once has become a vociferous attention seeker.. How did i change , i dont know.. Will i return to my old happy self ? , i dont know..

Which brings me to the actual point of this particular entry.. Why do people change?? Or do they really do??? Well, the question is open to debate or discussion as always.. My job is to just plant some ideas into your heads as i once used to and wait for replies..  I believe people do change , but always in degrees from their normal self to safe distances of measure where they think they can retract from.. Sometimes we cant, because we expect too much of ourselves or too little.. Which is it that has affected me, neither.. I just forgot that i might have to retract myself..


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