I dont make promises, period. There have been occasions or moments when people have asked me , so very innocently , ” Promise ?” and i refused.. It is not that i never did.. I have and kept most of them too.. I dont remember when it was that i stopped making them or what event actually made me stop.. I just have.. People give me a look that they dont understand why.. And i cant blame them.. Its just that i dont.. A promise for me is something that is eternally binding.. (A marriage of sorts , not of individuals but of ideas or secrets).. Its not that i dont like the bind, its just that i find it unnecessary..

if someone trusts me enough to let me in on some secret, then i have it in me to never break that trust.. If someone just wants to let down his hair and rant about something or someone and then never discuss it, i believe i have the minimal intelligence required to understand that feeling.. The word “Promise” has been used so much and so at random that it has lost its meaning.. Well, if not the meaning , then its intensity.. Just like the word “SORRY” .. it is not in me to be a judge , jury or whatever.. Its just another one of my insane thoughts , typed into virtual world.. So if any of my friends are reading this and feel like you want me to keep a secret, just let it be when i say that it will be just that.. Dont expect me to promise on it, or to cut my finger and spill blood to seal the deal.. If you think that you can live with the above , then come to me and i’ll listen, if not well i’ll miss u (probably)..


2 thoughts on “Promises

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  1. I’m pretty sure you’ve said the word promise when it comes to getting data…hehe….

    Anyways, I completely agree with you. Even the word “love” has lost it’s true meaning due to overuse.

    I know you’re always genuine and sincere.

    Thanks 🙂

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