Hyderabad 10 K Run 2007

Before any of u get any ideas or doubts, yes i did the whole 10kms.. I walked for 90% of it, but i did it.. I took at least 13,200 steps to do it as the adidas ad suggests.. I had a truckload of water and an icecream on the way.. My legs ache, but not as bad as i thought they would.. I did it all in around 2hrs..

Now coming to the event itself, the turn out was huge.. There were rock bands from schools and colleges and i realise how conservative my gang in school was.. For us being wild was bunking classes for a movie or at the max going on a long drive without our parents getting to know.. Changing out of uniforms to day clothes and running to the busstop.. (back to the event)  there were so many school kids there, moms with children, old men who walked faster than i did.. Sadly it was the corporate sector that paid all the money that somehow seemed to be the no shows.. The lower rungs of the ladder were so much more enthu about hte whole thing that i wish i had some of their heart for it all.. In the end , i think the spirit of hyderabad needs a little more awakening but thats just hypothesis.. To all the people who came, thanks for making my day.. For all those who made excuses , i hope u get to do it atleast once in your life…


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