Chamak Challo -2

Alrite here’s the second installment to the tales..

 Our lady, CC used t ostay in a room with a couple of her friends somewhere in the urban jungle that is north india.. one day she had a whim to have soemthing different to eat.. So she set off to Mc.Donald’s with a friend in an auto ” Bhaiyya , take me to McD’s” says our lady and the autowallah dutifully takes her there not charging the exhorbitant amounts they usually do.. But our heroine not finding anything to match her tastes decides she needs Indian after all.. Walks out with her firend , hails the first auto she sees , gets in and says ” Bhaiyya take me to Bhollu Bhaiyya Chats please”.. now for the unitiated the abovesaid Bhollu Bhaiyya chats is not something like universal bakers in hyd or sweet chariot in blore.. it is a small pushcart that stands below her apartment everyday at around 6.. The plight of the autowalla was even more awful once our lady realised her mistake because she could then not stop laughing at herself long enough to tell him the actual location of her adobe.. How she finally reached home is another story.. saved for later


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