Chamak Challo -1 (Part of a Series)

There is this girl i know, lets call her Chamak challo for protecting her identity. These are original stories from her very extraordinary existence.

The one about Dust in the Eye

Our herione, CC for short, was riding a bike with her mother on the pillion along the very empty roads of her hometown in India.. Since the traffic was low and because she never actually rides slowly the speedometer was also at the higher end… A sudden burst of wind and the dust that seems the curse of our roads was up swirling around her, a little went to her eyes.. (Now, the logical thing would be to stop the bike and wait for the wind to pass but our lady defies and denies the existence of any such thing).. She just closed her eyes and rode on, after all with noone on the road how bad could it be?  her question was answered shortly by the pavement she found herself on beside her mother.. Thankfully her mother is yet to find out the reason for the fall yet..

How do i know this? the lady in question doesnt think twice about spilling her rather humorous accidents to anyone who is willing to listen..


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