Those were the days…

We have all used the abovesaid words a lot of times in our lives. remember how i college we used to think so about school, in PG about graduation and now in our jobs about PG. Yes it isnt the classes we miss, but the times we had. The present always falls short of our memories of the past and our expectations of the future.. I like my life the way it has turned out.. It couldnt have been any better given my latent desire for laziness and my bad decision making skills.. I dont have many regrets, (i wont say any coz who doesnt) but the ones i have donot really matter.. because theres nothing i can do about them now.. The future , well lets just say i like the unpredictability of it too much to mess with it by trying to plan it out..

Now the present, its all good.. Diwali is over , india is winning the series and my parents seem happy with me.. My nonexistant love life seems not to bother me as much as it did and work is fun.. I like the job i am doing, i am getting peanuts for it but i can survive, rather thrive on it.. I dont have mouths to feed or promises to keep.. Am as free as a naturally born indian can be expected to be.. The relative nuisance of relatives is also off my back for now and i have become more open and started taking chances that i never did till my parents were feeding and clothing me. (Financial independance can do wonders.. but thats another story ).

 Have found myself a great set of buddies, am buying a bike with my own money and my best friend is getting married..     Yes, life is great……

PS: I have a thousand hits , yipeee


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