Lets talk Business..

So here are words of wisdom from a three month old management guru 😀

1. Cover your Ass- Be careful that even if you are responsible for something that went wrong there is a fall guy.

2.  Listen well and you shall be saved- There will always be enough loopholes you can slip through, listen well, read the fine print and i promise you , you’ll get away with almost anything

3. Mix business with pleasure at your own risk. Lets say you decide to target a particularly lovely resource do your research including how many others above you are already eyeing for the same pie. They have the experience , so start working on the charm. And yeah, dont cross swords where tact will do.

4.  Make friends from the lowest level to the highest, the ones in high places sometimes cant do the things the ones in low places can.(and no pawan , i dont mean that literally)

5. Stop worrying about things beyond you , all deadlines can be moved, all contracts can be rewritten and all designs can be changed. (Remember Murphy’s Law)

6. Use first names only where applicable, dont exceed the limits.. That ways they wont either.

7. Take control slowly and sublimally, make urself indispensable.


2 thoughts on “Lets talk Business..

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  1. Dude are on a roll…last couple of entries have been treat to read…looks like u’ve taken ur post college phase seriously…is it thxs to independence…or is it specific to learnings from HMRI?

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