Happy Dussera !

Now that the festive times are here.. let me also clear a few misconceptions people have about me..

a) I am not the casanova type of guy some people project me as.. I just enjoy female company and just havent found the right lady..

b) I drink and i can keep it down pretty well..(i go to discs for the music and for the crowd.. dancing isnt my forte)

c)  The movies i see might be of a genre that u people cant comprehend, but the normal ones have repetitive storylines and are very predictable..

d) When i am in a bad mood , i am in a bad mood.. There might be no reasons for it , just let me be.. Dont pester me with what happened and are u alrite?

e) My blogs may sound concieted and self centred and its because i like it that way..

f) If u want a level playing field play the right cards.. If you hold ur trumps dont expect me to fold..

g) Smoking for me is like chocolate, can live without it but it keeps me happy when i do have it

h) I speak four languages, understand a couple more and am not willing to teach anybody..

i) Money is important to me, but not more than people.. if i have to spend a million on 100 people to find one guy who will stick with me , i gladly will


2 thoughts on “Happy Dussera !

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  1. Life turned darker or just for a change you have done this, anyways white background was much comfortable for me to read you.
    Well its your blog and you have a right to change the layout, but still i would read you.
    I like reading you!

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