Order in Chaos..

Order in chaos, method in madness… Some things just dont make any sense.. just like life.. Here i am wondering how did my life become so boring on the one hand and on the other thinking of how much better can it actually get… Just a few days ago i was arguing with a friend of mine that lve has lost its glean because people have stopped believng in it.. Ok, so maybe u havent stopped blieving in it but we sure have set lower levels of expectations on it.. What we see in movies and history is disregarded as impossible, or impractical.. Love has become a very practical, negotiable and compromisin game.. It has rules set, people restrict themselves to a community or a religion before even thinking of love.. Then if that is ok, the go ahead with trying out the “good friends ” route to love.. Everybody is playing it safe.. Or as a friend of mine said using the “CYA” strategy..

Well, people u are all just lying to yourself.. Love might grow out of a friendship i agree but not from a friendship that was set as a pretext to love as an ulterior motive.. Oh and by the way all those of you who set up friends , go right ahead, i am in favour of it.. but do it because two people might fit together not because of their backgrounds or their common social status..

As for me i am a staunch believer.. waiting to sweep that perfect woman off her feet..Problem is dont know the right broom , and the perfect woman is still a faceless entity.

PS: Yes, i have also very often kept myself from saying it coz the above said constaints werent met.. But am going all in now coz somehow i feel theres very lil danger of it ever happening now.. Adios amigos


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  1. you lier!…i see, u setting ground for urself (by posting this..uve done well to nullyfy the independent financial disparity between thyself and …u know who

    now coming to the post itself-
    in principle, i agree with ya, its convinient that way…in literature there are no prerequisites for fallin in love…but then its literature…in reality..we are scared…practical or maybe convinience oriented…fair enough.
    on the other hand for birds like u and me who dnt get impressed easily…it keeps our avenues open…three cheers for socialism and secularism!

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