Gods and Men…

Movies that provoke thoughts are nice but few and far between..

No am not talking about Chak De or Rang de Basanti.. Those have been discussed more  than enough i think.. Actually, i am not even going to talk about movies..Rather i am going to talk about my atheism and my faith.. People as k me how can u not believe there is no higher power .. well i dont.. i believe that not god but man is responsible for all his actions.. U cant complain about someone dying too young or someone living in unbearable pain.. Thats life.. Its not fair.. But then there exists a God in all of us.. When  we cry or feel sad for someone we never met after hearing their story , i beleive we are gods.. When we stop at an accident to help someone , u are a God.. When we decide to move on from broken relationships, when we lend a helping hand, a shoulder to cry on, when we forgive someone we are Gods..

So think about it..


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