Behind Closed Doors…

 A gal once told me that she kept things she didnt want to remember and in cidents she wanted to forget behind closed doors.. I tried to make her open those doors.. told her i would stand by her and be there.. Things didnt work out.. But the point is that i am not all that different.. I did take a little too long to realise it but yes, i have my closed doors too.. Maybe even more than i know of..  Coz some of those doors are so old i even forgot they existed.. My life goes on.. I still kid myself that i am an open book.. That there is nothing i have to hide.. Truth is i have been hiding from myself for far too long.. I have been agony uncle to all my friends, been the all listening friend who always thought practically.. Well, i guess the stereotype is one i purposefully set.. And that its a lil too late to change.. This post is just something i have held back for some time.. My private let out into cyber space.. If any of my friends read this, please dont mention it to me coz i am going back to the stereotype the moment its over.. I feel comfortable there..(another thing she said  and i failed to understand, if she ever reads this i hope she’ll understand..)

PS : I am not in need of any counseling or any” whats wrong ?” line of questioning.. just let me be and I’ll be back as always..


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