Hulo Hyderabad..

Or should i say aadab.. anyways i have been in the city of namwabs 17days now and to be honest i still like bangalore… but this place isnt all that bad.. I have settled in to my new home(friends rented house where a couple of others also live, nice people, already friends 🙂 ) Gone to office for 13 days and done nothing( satyam is a chill maadi company ,just my kind) Got myself a new number and somehow managed to get it blocked twice..( its blocked now too)but since i have no permanent girlfriends that isnt a problem.. Been to eat street (supposedly the one of the hangouts here.. nice place kinda small though, borders hussain sagar and has parks all round.. Not been pubbing yet.. Plan to do that once i get rich(read the day i get my salary).. Getting used to the haphazard traffic(and thts an understatement).. Watched a couple of telegu movies already and i still cant understand a thing.. Saw chak de india and loved it.. THe theatre was full and the crowd was delightfully enthusiatic( the whistles and the catcalls were humungous)… already been linked with two gals at work, NOT INTERESTED though.. Havent gotten my email id yet 😦 .. Orkutting reduced too.. But am getting a feel to the new life and cant complain..Had the world famous biriyaani too.. and well, it isnt all that different..  New experiences , new people and a whole new world.. Sadly the eyecandy is pretty scarce(i miss bangalore.. sigh)

Aadab to all..


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