Nothing in Particular..

As the haedline says , this post is abt nothing in particular… Just abt a few things that have been bugging me over the past few weeks.. My life is changing, just like all of urs.. My college life has reached its end, after all the extensions i could give to it.. My job starts in two weeks.. Bangalore , the place i called home for over three years now , is gonna be missed.. Friends i made over he last three years are going to become people i once knew.. Kids have already started calling me uncle whenever i meet them in the basement.. Juniors two years below me are already a month old in college proving that my MBA is overdue.. A few guys who studied with me earlier are married, one has a kid.. I am the next in line in my neighbourhood in Kerala to get married and my neighbours seem a lil too interested in that development.. The cup my team won a few months back is soon gonna be back in contention for the next football tournament.. My best friend has developed a back ache due to overwork already.. My bike is almost due for a new insurance.. My brother is in his final year I am already an uncle if u consider my cousins kids while my moms younger brother is just becoming a father..

There are somethings that havent changed though, my love life still sucks.. People still turn to me for advice(insane and boring though it is) , my logic still seems to be working.. My MTI(mother tongue influence) still comes out when i get excited or angry.. I still can drink gallons of alcohol and be unfazed.. Movies still are my best form of entertainment.. The world still moves on totally neglecting my existence and yeah, by two tea is still my favorite drink.. Pepsi still beats coca cola for me.. I continue my irregular blogging.. and a few people actually read it.. Himmesh is still alive, sadly.. tats it for now.. more for later..


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  1. ho, ente ammo… glad to know abt ur daily happenings… all the best da… college life has to end some day.. it eneded more than 4 yrs back for me 🙂

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