Pune Beckoned…

A job being delayed has its infinite positives.. OF which the major i am yet to see…

Anyways due to an extended joining date and a lot of free time in hand i landed myself a freelance job at Pune, an all expense paid trip to work for a day.. How i used the money and when i choose to travel all my choice.. So i ended up in pune saturday before last and got caught in the monsoon rains that dont really pour but get u wet anyways…

The gud part of the rain was out of 50 who were supposed to turn up to meet me , only 11 did.. The bad part was i was bored to death in a room full of executive hotheads.. Anyways the job ouuta my way pune  beckoned..

First the positives.. the place is beautiful, the roads not as congested as bangalore and the people very friendly.. Even the auto wallas charge lesser than bangalore standards and i think while they thought they were taking me for a ride, the price i paid to traveeling in the rain to meet old friends was worth it..

Three days on inconsequential booze and good times with a school time best friend, i was happy.. The only negative i could find was their was no traffic sense.. everybody owned the roads.. the autos i travelled in made daring stunts like the Pierce Brosnan ad for mastercard..

Anyways i went, i saw and i came back happy.. Even the bus back home had 4 people travelling counting me.. But as soon i got back reality hit back.. the autowalla charged me an exhorbitant price and life was suddenly back to normal..

PS: i got to see lage raho munnabhai and Vaastav , two of my best sanju movies..


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