I was mugged..

Well, lots of people want to hear the story and i am tired of repeating it.. So here goes..

It was a normal day in blore.. everything was the same as the day before.. So here  we were sitting at the room and the power goes off.. So me and my friend walk off to the juice shop in 4th block koramangal for our daily routine of birdwatching and sandwiches.. Finish it and on our way back it starts to drizzle.. We hit our road where the room was.. halfway there and i feel a tap on my back.. i turned around to see who the f**k it was and i realized i dont knw this guy.. Then he got hold of my chain amd started pulling me..

I look around and there were three more guys.. My friend was frozen beside me.. i shouted ” run bro run”.. and he ran god knws whre.. so here i was surrounded by four guys all taller and heftier than me.. but being incredibly stupid and insanely brave i put up a fight all the time shouting at the top of my lungs for help( in four languages, it was a residential area and people were at home  so i kind of felt i would be saved).. irritated by my featherweight punches and kicks they push me to the ground.. The chains breaks and comes off in my hand.. one of the buggers starts puuling at my pockets for my wallet.. so one hand on the chain and one on the purse i am shouting “help help help”.. irritated and desperate the guy on top off me pulls out this humungous knife/sword like weapon and starts waving it at me.. me scared like hell start shouting as loudly as i can.. he starts slshing at me and i get hit real bad on the left elbow, right wrist and knees.. luckilt for me, the guys in the hostel hear my shouts and come running.. the buggers vanish and i am left clutching my chain in my bloody hand..

The rest as they say is history, i walk in to the hostel and wash my wounds.. realize i need stiches and start mouthing abuses coz i have a football match in three days.. Almost faint and am rushed to the hospital..

the auto ride was the most painful part of it all, because my senses return and my elbow hurts at each pothole.. the hospital , where i realise stitches wont do, i need wires to put my elbow back together.. and all the while i am thinking of damn, there goes my football match..

PS: my mom confiscated the chain, my team lost the match and the wires are still in me as proof..


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