Kerala.. God’s Own country(almost)

After a rush of travelling all over the place, i have a few thigns to say:

1. yes the land is beautiful, the people are nice and the roads have improved..

2. all my friends who wanna come home with me, someday u will all get the chance.

3. I have found that all that peaceful atmosphere and serenity is overrated.. gimme the heady traffic and noisy city any time..

4. beer is cheaper and everything else expensivve than in blore..

5. There isnt muc hto see.. the treetops are nice , true, but i have seen them enough and more.. the rivers are breathtaking and clean, but just not worth more than 5 minutes of gazing at.. food is gr8 but there isnt much variety(i love coconut in my meat)..

6. there is no place like home alrite, no need to wash plates , clothes and no worries abt my phone bill 🙂

7. relatives are vultures waiting for me to start working so they can all set me up with that nice girl near their place.. (i have five aunts and then some nosy neighbours, my mom cant say no to any of them, so i will probably and up with as many wives as an arab sheik..)

8. cochin airport beats blore hands down, the place is huge and much better maintained..

9. I am no good at becoming a travel agent.. ( i cant sell my own land 😦 )

10. I am hopelessly bored and everything closes down at 10.. no pubs , discs or anything fun of that sort)

11. Globalisation is here.. i saw coffee day and barista, cochins first A/C mall and pizza hut).. though noone here understands how can anybiody charge 40bucks for a cup of coffee…

PS: i knw the title is misleading but couldnt think of anything better, solitude is bad for your thinking capabilities)


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