Philosophical Nonsense..

Ok, am in another one of those i figured out something new i wanna tell u about moods..So here goes your hope of just another stupid entry..

Well, i feel as the population grows (at 6billion and growing when i last got the figures..) we are losing touch with more and more people.. Think of it , our grandparents were known by everybody in town.. My fathers name is still recognised in people of the same age from three small towns in kerala plus a few more in Doha.. Me ? i am an unknown, another guy in the crowd.. i have a lot of people who i call friends.. but how many of them do i actually know.. very few , maybe 10 max 20.. How many of them actually know me the same number i guess.. We are all losing touch with people around us.. We speak all the time but we are not talking.. We hear a thousand words but we are not listening.. We have lost touch with ourselves.. We dont have time( that thing everybody seems to run short of..) for anything but in figuring out ways to save time.. A vicious circle..

My orkut friend list nw stands at 340, and i dont knw any of those people.. they are friends or rather people i have met , liked and talked to.. But i cant claim honestly that i know them.. they have all come and gone like leaves in the wind.. They have touched me humoured me, angered me , and raised in me a thousand emotions for which new words need to be smithed.. And i now wish i knew them better, i had listened, i had talked , i had FELT more of them..

For in the end , that is what it comes down to, as we try and make machines more and more friendly , we are turning slowly into machines.. We are slowly losing our senses.. We are not Feeling anymore.. Our laughs need to be completed of TV sitcoms, our smiles come from old memories, our anger comes at trafffic signals and our pain comes from a dead goldfish..

I guess all i wanted to say was :



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  1. sometimes i think that though we have a lot more ways to keep in touch with people than our grandparents did, we have also found more excuses not to…hmm that sounds a lil weird.. 🙂

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