Dont Watch Spiderman III

Ok, i dont know if i am gonna get sued for this but the movie sucks big time.. They have reduced spidey into a emotional wreck. a fool at romance and not very successful at the dark side.. Tobey was no big actor in the first two episodes but this time round hes lost it completely.. His emotions are reduced to a smirk most of the time no matter what the situation.. His attempts to be a bad boy fall awfully short..

Ms.Dunst is actually well described as mary jane’s critic says in the movie , a pretty face.. A whining , moaning , screaming wreck noone would want for a girlfriend.. The movie has too many moments where try to feed in morals.. Hello Mr. Director, its spiderman.. we want him kicking some bad a**es and doing some stunts..

Well, in this movie the stunts arent for spidey.. The bad guys actually do a good job at convincing us that we were better of with a dead spiderman.. The only saving grace is the guy who plays Harry and he ends up dead.. Watch the movie if u have nothing better to do… Even the untargeted female audience should hate it, in case u can convince them to watch it..

When the guys at Marvel comics made Spidey, he was not supposed to be anything of this sort.. Well, the big screen has ruined superman, spidey seems to be going the same way and batman never made it.. Hope X-Men have something better in store..


2 thoughts on “Dont Watch Spiderman III

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  1. Thank you Mr spoiler!!!.
    Next time you review a movie, at least consider that other people want a review that doesn’t spoil the movie. The first two paragraphs were just fine, but I couldn’t read the rest because I didn’t know how you could further spoil the movie.
    Also, the headline of your post is addressing especially people who haven’t seen the movie, that is just wrong. The least you could do is to warn people.

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