TV vs TV

The first one here as everybody guessed is the idiot cube, the second one is me 🙂 .. My daily dose of TV nowadays shifts between news , wrestling and the discovery channel.. Ok i understand couch potatos.. i mean i understand people who can stay immobile for hours watching something that doesnt make a difference, but i cant understand someone who can watch TV for hours.. come on people india still doesnt have enuf channels to keep someone entertained for a whole day.. i surely cant stand it for more than 2 hours(the duration of a movie on star movies).. but over that my concentration wavers, my resolve dissolves and my immobility paralyses.. i just cant do it..

TV, tats me Tito Varghese on the other hand, am not even worth  2 hours of entertainment.. knowledge wise i am as good as Calvin on a highly intellectual day.. but i wont bore a person, i am not an emotion nuetralizer like my pseudonym.. My thoughts may border on the bizzare and my questions on the crazy but they never fail to evoke a response from others..

There are no clear winners but i just couldnt help writing about something thats refrained me from using my initials all my life..  🙂


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