Every story has Two Endings..

Think about it.. Everything may be based on destiny(i dont knw).. but every decision we take changes that destiny.. For example, choosing to stay in india instead of going abroad for a job means your destiny now has to take a course that is related to u staying in india.. Ok , maybe the elements might not change much.. maybe u will have the same accident but it wont be at the same spot for sure.. and the drivers would also have to change.. Say u meet that perfect woman, she definetely wouldnt have met u had u been in some foriegn land.. atleast the circumstances would have been different , and the setting.. Or what if it was finally ur time(end of the story, next life etc..) it would certainly be very different in two different countries..

The best part is it need not even be two countries, it need not even be different jobs.. every single decision u make is changing ur destiny, taking you one way instead of the other.. thinking of it in the cosmic sense kind of puts too much pressure on all those decisions we take without much forethought.. like stopping for that occasional coffee or saying no to that party on saturday.. why maybe even wasting time reading this instead of something useful..


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